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Bout It! Bout! Be About Your Business
Domestic Violence is Who's Battle


Taking Care of Business
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LADIES, as we all know this is tax season. This year, we must use are refunds wisely. Before you receive your tax refund make a list of important items to be paid and savings to be made. Remember sisters to treat yourself to something reasonable but well deserved.
For those sisters that have brothers that are being especially nice and understanding to your every need.....BEWARE!! He's on the prowl and he's waiting to conquer....wating to conquer your tax money. Ladies get wise to this disguise. Hold on to your hard earned money. If you don't do anything else pay your bills and take care of your CHILDREN'S NEEDS!!! JUST KEEPING IT REAL!!!

Bout It! Bout! Be About Your Business

As women of God life puts many obstacles get in our way, sometimes without us being aware. We work, we're mothers, we're advisors, we volunteers and etc. Before life gets us out of control, we need to get it in control. Let's keep in mind to have God, self, family and our personal business in hand. How do you take care of your business?
This is my business, my sons Willie & Nicholas.

Domestic Violence is Who's Battle

October is domestic violence awareness month. Domestic violence is a form of control by using violence. It comes in many forms; mentally, physically and emotionally. It not only affects the victim's life, but it affects the children for a lifetime. If you trust God and step out on faith, God will release you from this evil force. If you don't act on it, it will lead to the victim's death, the abuser's death or both in prison. You will know when enough is enough. Call your nearest Battered Women's Shelter.